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Rock and roll is here to stay

I’m the proud new owner of a Taylor acoustic guitar, a fact which is guaranteed to occupy the bulk of my free time in the near future. I bought it from Dash, and he and Jared drove over to deliver it this afternoon. Dash has another one literally just like it, which is why he sold it to me. In light of this, mine’s named Mary Kate, after the saccharine twin on Full House.

“Why not Ashley, Dash?”

“Cuz this is the good one. Ashley’s the slutty one. She’s been used.”

Later, we sat around and watched my White Stripes DVD while Jared browsed Nathan’s guitar catalogue. Pointing to a particularly expensive electric, he said something about it being a “cheater guitar.” I asked him what that meant, and he said – I’m still laughing about this – “You could rub your cock against it and it would sound good.”

Those two are quite the pair.

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