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The flying disc

Frisbee is far more entertaining played in a highly trafficked area, such as the quad. Ideally, you should look for a spot that features a walkway between you and your various partners, so as to lend an element of danger and excitement otherwise lacking. Done right, the pedestrians are sure to feel some of it as well.

Scoring in this format is easy. The most important player statistic is IBH, or Innocent Bystanders Hit. IBSs, or Innocent Bystanders Saved, are almost as crucial. Generally, you award a couple points for an IBS and subtract one for an IBH (although if youíre playing under the Greco-Roman rules, you score three points).

Chris, Lam and I played today on the HUB lawn, demonstrating the natural athletic prowess possessed by all CS majors. The highlight of the afternoon came when I pegged my English teacher with an errant toss. Relax, it was just her foot, and she didnít even look to see who threw it. The award for Best Save goes to Lam, who ran and caught a disc Iíd lobbed directly into a pack of unruly school children touring the campus. In all likelihood, he probably saved me the cost of a lawsuit. Thanks, Lam!

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