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My angry vagina

I saw The Vagina Monologues tonight with Dillon and Christina. For the uninitiated, it’s a series of short plays about the vagina and issues relating to it. I regret to say it wasn’t nearly as good as last year; the performance on My Vagina was my Village was laughably bad, and The Woman who Liked to Make Vaginas Happy, always a crowd favorite, disappointed as well. In case you’re wondering, yes, almost all the titles contain the word “vagina.” The biggest letdown of the evening was My Angry Vagina, a piece about the injustices performed on vaginas, such as douches. The performer is supposed to channel all the rage earned from having her sexuality squelched under the thumb of an oppressive patriarchy (“my vagina is pissed off!”) into a vituperative five-minute rant. Instead, it came out sassy, like a Seinfield routine (“what’s the deal with tampons?”).

This isn’t to say the play was bad. The Flood, about an old woman recounting her issues with her fluids, was great, as was The Vagina Workshop. Sadly, little else was worthy of much applause or more than a soft chuckle.

Also, Caitlin won a vibrator. Caitlin!

This is a tangent (or is it?), but I found this link on a friend’s page: Ladder Theory. The guy is a total ass, wallowing in bitter celibacy, but I think he makes some funny, if not entirely true points. Furthermore, I realized what my problem is: I’m an intellectual whore. Read the site for an explanation. I’d go into detail, but I desperately need to study for my STAT midterm tomorrow.

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