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Happy singles awareness day

Look, I really wasn’t going to say anything, for a couple of reasons. First, calling attention to this charade of a holiday manufactured by the greeting card industry, imposing standards upon when and how we should express our love, serves only to perpetuate it. Second, Iím a total hypocrite. In all honesty, I love Valentines Day — when I have a reason to. Thatís right, Iím a fair-weather friend to Valentines Day. Iím betting Iím not alone on this one.

So I was going to maintain a front of stoic silence about the whole thing, but then I got a card Ö from my parents. God bless em, they mean well. But still, going into my STAT midterm today I was thinking “if thereís so much as a single heart on this exam, I swear to Jesus Iím slashing his tires.”

And did one of my favorite bands write a song about today? I think they did.

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