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Probably the sinister one

Nathan and I haven’t seen eachother in a few days on account of my new life in Sieg hall, and I’m starting to miss the big lug. Below is an actual IM conversation about this with Ashley:

Ashley4210: remember that roomate that you used to have

muskrat3581: i do

muskrat3581: tell him his ticket / court summons arrived today

Ashley4210: ah yes i have him in my clutches, it has been 4 days you know since you have seen him

Ashley4210: im sure he will be delighted

muskrat3581: not true, i saw him on tuesday

Ashley4210: goodnight far past my bedtime

muskrat3581: sweet dreams

Ashley4210 signed off at 11:30:41 PM.

Notice how she changes the subject when cornered. Playful mockery, or shadows of something far more sinister? You be the judge.

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