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Sweet daydreams (damn it, I’m in love again)

My guitar and I have a horrible relationship, paralleling all my past ones: she alleges I don’t spend enough time with her, and I can’t seem to touch her the right way so she makes the sounds I’m looking for. (zing!) You know you’ve got it bad when you can’t do your statistics homework because your mind is on your lovely six-string beauty. But I can’t fault myself here. How can I be expected to concentrate on differentiating a triple-nested summation when I could be running my fingers lovingly up and down her neck, gently stroking her gorgeous chords? The plan for this summer: move to California and live on the beach, surfing by day and playing guitar around the bonfire at night. What will actually happen: a computer job in boring, stupid Seattle. At least my nights will be free.

Normally I have very little patience for electroclash, eschewing the bleeps and thumps for the meaningful lyrics and catchy guitar hooks of indie or alternative. Sure, I’ll tune into electrobleep when the fancy strikes me, but that’s not often. No matter how trendy and avant-garde its proponents claim it to be, there’s just not enough real substance to hold my attention for long. However, I’ll make an exception for The Postal Service, a side project of Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie fame. He’s teamed up with dntel, writing and singing the lyrics for music straight out of a Super Nintendo game, or more aptly, from the period in the late 70’s and early 80’s when electro-synth first took the world by storm. Listen to this song and you’ll agree with me that Ben can do no wrong. Lisa, always on the forefront of the indie scene, notified me of this band’s existence a few nights ago, and I can’t get enough. Gibbard’s poignant lyrics and haunting voice complement the synthetic accompaniment perfectly, and it all comes together in a surprisingly natural way. Whether or not you’re a Death Cab fan, you’re not prepared for the mix.

In related news, Death Cab plays the Showbox with their new drummer on Friday. Do you have your tickets? You can bet your sweet ass I do.

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