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From the embarrassing injuries dept.

The night had “festive” written all over it. Nathan, Ashley, and I were preparing to watch The Good Girl, the movie in which Jennifer Aniston proves she’s at least nominally more intelligent than her role on Friends, and I had just invented a new dessert. The idea came to me because I was already munching on a chocolate handy snack, and Ashley was noshing on handfuls of Fruity Pebbles; the combination was obvious. Mixed together, the two result in a delightful amalgam of flavors and textures almost too pleasing to describe. The pudding is moist and smooth, and the Pebbles are dry and crunchy; the chocolate masks, but does not conceal, the citrusy tang of the cereal. I recommend trying it the next time you have the supplies on hand.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be a story about snack foods, at least not entirely. The point of the above is that, as I poured a healthy portion of cereal into the snack cup, I spilled variegated grain clusters all over Nathan’s carpet. Thinking I was being clever, I stooped to pick them up before he or Ashley noticed, and connected with the hard wooden corner of Nathan’s bed. The edge dug into the back of my thigh right at the point where the muscles make the delicate transition from ass to leg. Not only did the resulting boom destroy any facade of stealth I’d built up, but when I cried out “Ow, I racked my ass!” they both doubled over laughing at my expense. I laughed too, of course. I mean, it was pretty funny.

It still hurts.

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