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So many siblings, so little time

Most of my brothers and sisters paid me a visit tonight for some Thai food, fond remembrances, and a movie. I called up Dillon and invited him to come along with us to New Star. Not surprisingly, he was kind of overwhelmed after my introduction: “This is Jenn, who despite being much smaller than me is my big sister. This is Katelyn, who despite being bigger than Jenn is my little sister. And this is Alex, who despite being the tallest member of the family is my little brother.” Things went downhill for him from there; when Jenn and I get around each other, the fast-paced, in-joke banter can be stopped only with violent force, and Dillon wasn’t willing to pay that price. Jenn and I literally share brainwaves (no one has ever beaten us at Pictionary, Taboo, or Guesstures), which makes it very tough for anyone outside my family to get a word in edgewise.

Being from such a large family, I wonder how it feels to be in Dillon’s position, swaddled in someone else’s sibling relations like a patchwork quilt, forming a tiny, outside minority in a closely-knit group. I’m guessing terrifying and enlightening at once, an epiphany wrapped in a monstrosity.

This quarter is killing me slowly. If anyone knows a way to make it be the week after finals, I’ve got upwards of eleven dollars with your name on it.

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