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Truth or Dare

So it turns out that Madonna made a movie back during the height of her popularity, back when every teenage girl in America idolized conical brassiers and leg warmers. Somehow this movie made its way onto my Netflix rental queue; I don’t remember adding it, and Nathan denies all knowledge, so the world may never know. Since it can be loosely filed under Documentary, the comparisons to Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back are unavoidable, I suppose. Both are shot in black and white, and follow an egomaniacal star around on a foreign tour; but I can think of at least 3 significant differences.

First, while both movies include scenes of the title character in concert, Truth or Dare features what amount to full-length, full-color music videos, during which the volume doubles, pretty much assuring that my neighbors hate me now and forever. Madonna also does voice-over frequently, talking about the trials of her life and threats to her “artistry”. It sounds so scripted I have a hard time believing it’s a documentary.

Second, there’s the issue of writhing, half-naked gay black men. One movie employs them heavily, the other not so much.

Third, owing largely to the above issue, two straight guys would feel perfectly comfortable sharing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra and watching one of these movies in the dark. Guess which one. Go ahead. One of these movies reinforces the heterosexuality of said straight guys, and the other leads them to question it. I mentioned this to Dillon about halfway through the first music video, and he said, “Um, I didn’t want to say anything, but yeah.” My advice to any straight man who rents this movie is to make sure you have at least one girl on the couch; otherwise, you’re in for a lot of uncomfortable shifting and furtive side-long glances.

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