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Sweet memories

If this 378 project doesn’t kill me from frustration and sleep deprivation, I may finish the job myself with a rusty corkscrew. I feel like I’ve said this before, but this quarter can’t possibly end soon enough.

In spite of the above, life is good, mostly because of this site. It’s like they’ve condensed my childhood into a few succinct paragraphs, and put everything I’ve ever really loved on one sweet single page. These are the toys on which much of my younger years were wasted like so much allowance squandered on sour balls (did it!) or hours spent building a Lego model only to have it broken by your older brother (also me). I can still remember running around my back yard with my friends with the lazer tag guns, even when they were out of batteries. Then we’d repair back inside for hours of Atari 2600 and maybe a few quick games of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Man, were those hippos every hungry.

A Stephen King character, I think it might have been Jack Sawyer from The Talisman, said that he always thought that he’d one day make a conscious decision to set aside his toys and begin to arduously grow up, but discovered the much crueler truth: one day you just lose interest. In my mind those fleeting days are filled with love and light; maybe the fact that I no longer scrawl with a Spirograph for hours or Pogo-stick for 1000 jumps without falling contributes to that no-doubt skewed vision.

But why, then, is a grown man in a three-piece suit riding a razor scooter so tragically funny to me?

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