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Raise your hand if you’re an upperclassman

After spending around twenty hours over the last three days nestled hermetically into a chair in Sieg Hall (dividing my time there equally between furrowing my brow in frustration, checking my email, and actually working), my CSE 378 project is finally complete, after a fashion. In the write up, I stated for my group that the project “works, but only in theory. That is to say, three very smart people think it should be working, but it isn’t.” This was good enough in my eyes.

For one thing, Sieg Hall stinks, and not metaphorically. The rumors about the disregard for hygiene in my department are hyperbolic to say the least, but obviously a few individuals have been going the extra mile to make the stereotype true, at least when averaged across everyone in the major. I’m talking about people on the extreme left-hand tail of the self-maintenance bell curve, people who have only the vaguest conceptions of soap and toothpaste. If you think it’s frustrating getting stuck on an important assignment, try it while engulfed in the opulent stench of the your fellow man and see how far you get. The description of the assignment itself was over ten pages long, and reading it causes spontaneous brain embolisms in normal people. I can still see it when I close my eyes. My dreams tonight will involve angry status registers and binary numbers, and there’s a good chance I’ll flee them frantically while pounding German techno music plays in the background.

It’s odd to think that at this time last year, not finishing an assignment of this magnitude would have filled me with dread and a sense of impending doom, coupled with helpless thoughts about my own worthlessness as I submitted my partial solution. Now I just argue that my design works “in theory,” share a good laugh with my teammates over our incompetence, and move on with my life. I feel nothing but quiet elation and relief; the important thing seems to be that it’s done, regardless of its quality. Grade apathy is a wondrous, liberating thing.

Now my English paper stands as the only major obstacle between me and the end of the quarter. Pray for its swift completion.

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