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There’s nothing sadder than a weeping transvestite

I watched Todo Sobre mi Madre tonight, in spite my distaste for foreign films in general. Ashley keeps hearing good things about them, and so she puts them on the rental list, which means I’ll likely watch them eventually. Half the time she’s wrong, and said good things turn out to be something along the lines of “it wasn’t as bad as the last Christina Aguilera album.” It comes down to the fact that other countries just don’t know how to make movies. There’s a reason we only have one Oscar for a foreign film: it takes the cinematic output of every other nation on earth to yield one worthy of honoring. I’m the only person I know who didn’t like Life is Beautiful. I thought it was crap. I don’t need to be slapped in the face with the holocaust like that to know it’s a bad thing. And that Roberto guy? He needs to calm down.

Tonight’s outing, an Oscar winner, was a mixed bag. There were lots of transvestites, and not the kind thrown in by second-rate screenwriters to bump the rating up to PG-13. Said transvestites were central to the plot, and one of them managed to sire three children during the movie, despite a pair of enormous breasts. The acting was decent and the cinematography was good, but the plot didn’t go anywhere I was interested in. Things just happened, and didn’t seem to tie together very well; it was more a stream of somewhat interesting, loosely related events than a storyline. Also, the Spanish word for ‘cock’ is ‘polla’, for future reference, and ‘tits’ are ‘tetas’.

I should be studying for my 8:30 final tomorrow (today), but you should know me well enough by now to realize what a coup that would be.

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