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Nestled in solitude

I experienced exactly zero human contact today, and I couldnít imagine the day having gone better. There are so many things Iíve been meaning to do all quarter but havenít had time (or have been too good at making excuses) to do. Now that Iím free of human and academic distraction, I have nowhere to hide and I accomplish things.

What sort of things, you ask? Things like:

  • Cleaning out the ungodly wad of hair deposited by my longhair roommate and his girlfriend in the bathtub drain. An entire bottle of Liquid Plumr failed to turn the trick, so I waded in for a close-quarters assault. The tub drains now, and Iím only moderately grossed out by the whole experience.
  • Straightening out my material life. Every time I take stock of these things, Iím overwhelmed by how much crap I own. Thereís so much laundry to do, so many keepsakes to be put away for later cherishment, so many tile surfaces to clean, so much recycling to take out to the bin.
  • Getting a good start on The Things They Carried by Tim OíBrien, which is amazing, both as a collection of Vietnam stories and simply beautiful prose. Would that I could write as well as him.
  • Doing a bit of writing, this post aside.
  • The server is down for the time being, victimized by an obscure remote attack. According to support, it will be back up on Monday, God willing, but for now I’m archiving my output on my PC. I apologize for any undue trauma this has caused you. To make it up to you, please accept this link, along with my humblest bowings and scrapings.

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