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This story will get old

So I’m telling all of you now, in hopes that there will be a few less people to whom I must repeat it. I sat in Ravenna Park for a few hours this afternoon playing guitar and “studying,” and got a little sunburned. OK, a lot sunburned. The sad part of all this is that I was sitting cross-legged, and really was playing up a storm most of the time, so my burn is a little… shall we say… uneven. Specifically, the inner half of each leg below the short-line is lobster-red, and the underside of my left forearm, exposed as I fingered chords, is crispy too. And of course my entire right arm got fried pretty badly as well.

The first question out of everyone’s mouth has been “how did you get so burned in two hours?” Look, people. I’m northern European, and there are three things we handle well: harsh winters, bad films, and the oppression of other cultures. Note that “sunshine” isn’t on the list. An overzealous clerk at Safeway sold me a huge bottle of aloe vera gel that is, for some reason, died green, so I think I’ll be OK.

I swam in Drumheller fountain at one am tonight with Kelly and some of her friends. We weren’t the only people there; apparently more than a few students have been inspired by the newly clean water. Marta brought a camera, and Kelly snapped a picture of me and her standing on top of the inner ring so that it looks like we’re walking on the surface of the water. I also wrote an article for the Daily about the experience, but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it will run. Hopefully editorial fortune will smile upon me. If not, I’ll post the story here in the days to come. After I got home, I took my first bath in five years and waited for feeling to return to my toes.

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