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Those poor troopers

Last night’s trip to Golden Gardens was insane. The entire beach throbbed and pulsed like a living thing, the hundreds of partiers gathered in loose clusters around dozens of bonfires. Light from the fires beamed through the smoky air like a slide projector in the back of a crowded room, and moving bodies sliced three-dimensional shadows into the shafts. The entire scene conjured up associations with Lord of the Flies in my mind, except with college-age people instead of ten year olds. Someone had a collection of eclectic percussion instruments for a very fitting soundtrack, and further down the beach fire dancers twirled in beautiful and complex patterns.

We found the CS bonfire without too much difficulty, and people were indeed talking about Linux. God bless nerds. We’d only been there for about half an hour when police cars began trolling slowly up the parking lot, roof lights flashing, stopping every fifty feet to broadcast their sad message over the loudspeaker: the park closes at 11:00, everyone must leave. Someone from our bonfire went and talked to the officers, and confirmed that anyone left on the beach at 11:30 would be arrested for trespassing. Kelly insisted on swimming in the Sound as everyone packed up to leave, but after that we hightailed it out of there.

Driving to the next party, we discussed what a lousy job those cops really have. They’ll be there almost every night this summer, each night ejecting hundreds of people from the park. The entire purpose of their presence there is to stop people from having a good time, to cut memories short and break up enjoyment. A job like that must erode the soul; it would certainly impact me negatively. We felt very sorry for them, even having just been kicked out ourselves.

Everyone in Seattle is on a natural high owing to the fantastic weather of late, and so the house party on twelfth was full of good vibes. When it’s seventy degrees out at midnight, how can you not be friendly? We left relatively early, and then Al and I woke up in time to be at Magnuson Park at 12:30, where we caught more than a few rays and passed the hours. Kelly joined us before too long, and helped us decide whether the bevy of girls on the towels right in front of ours were still in high school. The consensus is that they weren’t.

Party on 5th and 40th tonight, if you read this in time. I love this weekend!

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