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Too much of a good thing

I think I enjoyed myself a little too much this weekend. I recreated to a dangerous extent, and I’m left wondering: with everyone else busy with their finals (haha), who will catch the pieces when I fall apart? Nathan is out of town and all my friends are in the grips of full-blown test panic, and without competent supervision things have taken a turn for the worse.

For instance. On Saturday I consumed nothing but malt beverages, Krispy Kremes, and freshly picked cherries. Sure, you’re thinking, he’s got at least three levels of the food pyramid covered right there, all he lacks is something from the chocolate-covered-nougat group. Mere days ago I would have agreed. I never thought that the fat-and-sugar triangle at the top could topple the whole thing over in a gut-wrenching mess, but apparently that was only because I’d never been left alone with an entire dozen lovingly deep-fried masterpieces of pastry before.

Also. After coming into my apartment Sunday morning, I scratched my head and a belligerent-looking hornet fell out of my hair. The poor thing had been so entangled in my mess of golden locks that it could only buzz around aimlessly, unable to deliver the venomous sting I so richly deserved. It was probably more scared of me than I was of it, but only just. I doubt there are any hard-and-fast rules for this sort of thing, but I’m willing to bet that when one’s hair unwittingly traps deadly insects on any sort of a regular basis, it’s time to consider a trim. Lately I’ve been debating whether my style says “lovably shaggy” or “homeless vagrant,” and this goes a long way towards an ultimate answer.

And more. I’ve slept twelve hours aggregate over the last three nights. I’m upright and functional, but colors seem a little less vibrant, and everyone sounds like they’re speaking from underneath three layers of quilts. This is fine if you oppose colors and approve of quilts, but sleep debt has reduced my brain power to the equivalent of exactly three hamsters on a tread mill. When I showed up for work this afternoon and explained this to my boss, he laughed and then gave me the task with the least potential for my destroying the entire system.

Of course, I’d do it all again on a moment’s notice, but I’m taking advantage of the studying-induced lull around campus to recuperate. Tonight’s plan is to eat vegetables and sleep, in that precise order. I probably won’t get around to getting a hair cut, but it is finals week after all.

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