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The system was down

If you tried to visit the site earlier today, chances are you were turned rudely away with a 404 error. Apparently word got out via an online forum about this, which you should definitely watch and ogle. If you’re running a version of Windows below ME, you’re probably out of luck, and I don’t feel like working tech support. It’s hosted on the same domain as my site, and so many people were accessing it that all the connection slots filled up, and visitors to other pages (such as mine) were left out in the cold, shivering and knocking in vain. He swears he’s fixed the problem.

Laurel leaves for Somewhere Else tomorrow, maybe Mexico. It doesn’t really matter, does it? I’m not the one going Somewhere Else, so from my point of view, Mexico is functionally the same as Florida, which is the same as Alpha Centauri – I’m not seeing the person either way, and so many of my friends are abroad at the moment that it’s hard to keep track. Anyways, in celebration of her last night in town, we’re throwing her a little shindig, or perhaps a brouhaha. I’ve also yet to rule out the possibility of a soiree, and a fete isn’t entirely out the question either. Really, I’m not sure what we’ll do yet. It has to be spectacular, and it has to cope with the buckets of water pouring from the sky right now, which all but eliminates half the candidates on my list straight off the bat. The problem is that this month sucks all the creative juices out of me like cream out of a Twinkie – petulant August, which has now decided to punctuate the constant heat with a rainstorm, a storm which has thus far failed to recharge my mental faculties. Think! What would former president Jimmy Carter do to show Laurel a good time? One thing’s for sure: he wouldn’t force her to watch E.T. on my couch for the third time.

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