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At least I’m not the first born

Somehow I forgot that, unlike fine cheeses and wines, bananas do not grow finer with age, and left a couple to slowly turn putrid on my table. As a result, my apartment turned into fruit fly paradise almost overnight. The little bastards are everywhere – it’s like a biblical plague in here. They’re too small to effectively swat, so the only defense I have is waving my hand frantically in front of my face when they flock ecstatically around my head. I threw the rancid fruit in question out a few days ago, but the flies apparently didn’t get the memo.

There’s disease in the air. If you downloaded the article I posted the other day, you might want to scan your computer for viruses – somehow it’s infected with a Microsoft Word macro worm. Macro worms are like the kid brothers of the virus family: they’re annoying and can wreak a limited amount of havoc, but are ultimately nothing to be concerned with. Sometimes they tag along with their older brothers Nimda and ILoveYou, tugging on their sleeves and asking when it will be their turn to reformat the hard disk. It never is. In any case, I’ve taken it off the website for now, until I can figure out a way to repair it – and my computer – without purchasing anti-virus software. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

And! The beer that Brett left in my fridge last Friday, which I’m just now getting around to drinking, has something wrong with it. There appears to be some sort of fungal growth adhering to the inside of the glass near the bottom. This concerns me, but not nearly enough to actually stop drinking it. I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s a harmless byproduct of being refrigerated on its side, but if I post a random string of characters to the site with the words “blind!” and “help!” scattered haphazardly throughout, you might want to call poison control.

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