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God only knows why, but the last three movies I’ve seen in theaters have been largely for or about kids, and I’ve enjoyed them all immensely. First was Spy Kids 3D, which I can’t for the life me figure out if I liked for the right reasons or not. I think not. But we’ve already talked about that.

Next up was Pirates of the Caribbean, which everyone kept telling me was excellent. I always responded the same way: waving my hand and dismissing them and their opinion entirely. My parents chimed in on the issue as well, and while their taste in movies is suspect at best (they loved Cast Away and hated Adaptation), their vote toppled the giant concrete slab of stubbornness between me and the movie. As it turns out, that slab fell smack on my credibility as a human being, but it was already wasted away to almost nothing after Spy Kids. Walking out of the theater with Marta afterwards, I turned to her and said, “Let me get this straight: we just saw a movie starring Johnnie Depp and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer based on a Disney theme park ride – and we liked it?”. Sad but true. Ashley sneered at me for my approval, but she and I disagree on one fundamental point: she alleges that movies must be original, thoughtful, and socially important to be good, while I require only sheer entertainment. I didn’t think hard once during the entire 144 minutes, and I loved it. Yes, it was clich├ęd and predictable and embodied everything wrong with movies made in America, but I still enjoyed watching Johnny Depp stagger around onstage in his filthy beard and tattered clothing, still enjoyed the witty exchanges between saber combatants as their blades crossed briefly overhead, still ogled the CGI special effects, however cheesy their context. Go see this film, unless you’re an elitist (like Ashley).

Ashley, Nathan and I just got back from Spellbound, a documentary about the national spelling bee. I enjoyed this one as well, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the excruciating adolescence awaiting all of the stars in a few very short years. Most of them were socially functional, but the fact remains: any kid that smart will have an awful time in public education.

Everyone just got new cell phones. Ashley and Nathan bought matching Samsung’s that are so feature-laden it’s sickening. I turned to look at Nathan when he said my name the other night, and he took a digital picture of me with his phone. Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t the purpose of a telephone to make and receive phone calls? I’ll agree that address books, call logs, and other features of that nature are a good idea, since they directly support the above purpose. But a digital camera? Aren’t there better things to spend our money and time on? Or am I just jealous that my stupid phone doesn’t even have a freaking color screen? Marta’s new model is much more reasonable, a sexy little silver flip phone. Someone at Car Toys deserves a raise, because she went in there with the intention of browsing only and ended up signing a two-year contract. I did the same last year, but at least her phone gets reception in my apartment.

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