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Three unrelated things

1: When we were kids, the term “butt hole” was a final, ultimate insult which few dared to utter. Now that we’re all growed up our language is much more coarse, peppered with enough four-letter words to merit an entire box of Dial in punishment, and yet “butt hole” is still one of the most insulting things you can call someone.

2: Nathan is gone, off to Santa Barbara and then to backpack around Europe. I’d say that I miss the beard trimmer he took with him more than my actual roommate, but I won’t; it might be true of this moment in time, but probably won’t be in a week or so, and in any case a comparison between Nathan and an appliance, however useful it may be, is hardly valid.

3: My flip-flops, which I unwittingly stole from Brett years ago, finally bit the dust. I’m resigned to wearing actual shoes until I get around to replacing them, breaking my streak of bare footedness at work (and my heart).

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