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School’s back from summah

And aren’t we all giddily excited, bursting with joy? Actually we’re not. I suppose I can’t speak for anyone else, but the approach of the school year filled me with a nameless dread, the kind that’s all teeth and claws. It stalked me with increasing vigilance as Saturday ended and Sunday grabbed the baton, and neared the critical point around six that night. That’s around the time that I decided to chase my demons away with my fingertips, and wrote a scathing editorial denouncing the RIAA’s actions. Look for that next Wednesday on the opinion page of the Daily. The article, and seeing Marta for the first time since Thursday, calmed my jangled nerves, but I could still feel nothing but a slumped, uneasy acceptance of the inevitable, a far cry from my usual buoyant enthusiasm.

Part of the issue is that I just undertook the gutsiest move of my academic career: dropping all my CS credits and adding a third English class. That’s right; from now on it’s all English, all the time. And I’m terrified. Deep down I realize that it will all turn out alright in the end, but in the meantime I question my ability to hack it. I have nine books to read this quarter. Nine! That’s like a book a week, and doesn’t even include course packets and handouts.

But my first taste of classes gave me little to worry about, and even less to fear. My short story class is remarkably under-desired, considering the amount of effort I poured into adding it to my schedule, but the TA seems competent enough. English Lit. before 1600, which I just added to my schedule yesterday, could go either way. The teacher is absolutely gorgeous, which is always a plus – even if I’m just daydreaming about her naked, glistening body underneath a waterfall in a jungle, it will appear to those around me that I’m paying meticulous attention, and really enjoying the subject matter. On the other hand, each class is two hours long, which seems a bit unreasonable. I hope it doesn’t make me hate Chaucer; that would be a shame.

Out of the classroom, the standard back-from-summer ballet is in full swing, and my participation grows every year. I love excited hugs and greetings from people I haven’t seen in months, but it’s a double-edged sword: I can’t walk between classes without stopping a half dozen times to ladle out affection. I like affection more than punctuality, so it works in the end.

Yes, I realize it’s been almost a week since my last contribution to this great site. I won’t promise I’ll do better, given the amount of work I’ve pressed upon myself this quarter, but at the very least UW-ites can look forward to (or dread, it’s your call) a column by yours truly in the Daily every Tuesday. I decided to go with the title “nerd’s-eye view” after all, and let any man who dares stop me come forward and try.

What’s that? What did I do in the time between now and last Tuesday? Lots and lots of fabulous things, many of which are worth noting but won’t be due to time constraints. I will say the following: Marta and I filled a hat with those helicopter-type leaves and tossed them all at once off the bridge over Ravenna Ravine, watching them shower to the ground like sparks under the arc-sodium light; Kelly and I learned a new song on the guitar, which we have been playing non-stop since then, including a guitar-viola duet at Magnusson park which drove a family of three away but made a biker stop in contemplative silence; Bryan and I gained access to Sieg II illegally to explore, and even got a tech support guy to activate my keycard into the building; I picked Nathan up from the airport almost fifteen minutes late, and he didn’t care; Kelly and Bryan returned from Port Townsend last night and kept me up until three with cooking and chit-chat. Those aren’t all the fabulous things (my God, not nearly!), but Safeway calls and Chaucer is next.

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