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Proof of the unlikely

As you can see to the right there, I’ve added a shiny new link to the site: photos! I know my promises on this site are worth their weight in shit, but I followed through this time, didn’t I? Yes, yes I did. I haven’t added all of the sections yet, as I have quantity of homework due tomorrow scientists refer to as a “shit ton”, but take a look at what’s there and stay tuned for a couple more pages in the near future.

Many of you have called / imed / smoke-signaled me to wish me a speedy recovery from my recent illness. How did people know anything about one another before blogs? In any case, thanks for all your well-wishes – they worked. Well, that or the eighteen kilos of ibuprofen and Theraflu with which I’ve suffused my system since Tuesday. Whatever the cause, I’m mostly all healed up as of this writing. A feeble soreness remains in my throat, but I’ve felt good enough to actually move around since yesterday afternoon, an idea laughable on Thursday.

Kelly is feeling sick now, with the exact symptoms I had. This is a bad sign – the transitive closure of Kelly’s kissing-and-cigarette-sharing graph encompasses the entire state. I really hope I didn’t help start an epidemic, but only time will tell. We had dinner at Pepe’s tonight, and I stupidly shared her glass of Jaimaica, a sweet drink made from the nectar of the flower of the same name. On second thought, I really do hope she has the same thing I did; otherwise I might have to deal with two sicknesses in a week’s time. If that’s the case I might just do the virus a favor and shoot myself.

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