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Mysterious return to Google

Just as suddenly as I dropped off of Google, I returned, but this time around I’m second to that asshole Bobby Quine. This won’t do.

Interestingly enough, there’s a story on slashdot at the moment analyzing how Google’s results can make or break a business (and stupid personal sites such as this one). According to the article, a new breed of consultant has cropped up to optimize a site’s ranking on Google; they charge up to $5,000 a pop to tweak the content of websites to boost webpages’ rankings. Eighty percent of searches go through Google now, and people know this – I’m wondering if Google’s greatness might not be its downfall. If enough people earnestly try to futz with Google’s results by reverse-engineering their ranking algorithms, the credulence of those same results will take a major hit. Doubtlessly you’ve heard about the phenomenon of Google bombing by now (such as the “miserable failure” one that now links to Bush, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, and Hillary Clinton), and this trend can only increase along with Google’s dominance of the search market. And Google, whether they like or not, is becoming a tremendously powerful entity on the web. When they recently changed their algorithm slightly, and pages that used to be ranked near the top fell or dropped off completely (I’m fairly certain that this is what happened to mine), newly neglected businesses saw a significant drop in profits starting the same day. How long until someone raises a big enough stink about this to enact some sort of search engine legislature? I hope it won’t come to that, but more absurd things have happened in this country.

This is why I hate winter quarter: OS midterm tomorrow, 5-hour study-abroad orientation Saturday, Advanced Expository writing midterm paper Monday, English Novel midterm Tuesday. On top of all this, Marta and I are flying across the globe in roughly opposite directions (Sydney and Cancun) in ten days, and she’s not coming back for six months. It’s not fair – in spite of my own personal melodrama of preparing to leave the girl I love, the world has just kept on going, even picked up the pace. I want it to stop, like in the chorus of a cheesy eighties song, so that these ten days aren’t filled with nagging responsibilities; they should be filled with her. But, as it turns out, the world doesn’t revolve around me. I keep learning that lesson in the hardest way possible.

Since is already registered, I’ll try to stick to happier topics, I promise. But just don’t expect to see much of me for the next three weeks or so.

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