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A step beyond math rock

Nathan is taking CSE 326, Data Structures and Algorithms, with his friends Nick and Ben, and they all hate it. It’s normal to hate 326 – it was my own lowest grade at UW (of course, that was the quarter I got dumped every three weeks on average, I went to Mexico for a week, and I had to learn Unix, Make, ReflectionX, C++ templates, and emacs, besides all the usual algorithms and data structures) – but Nathan and his friends hate it an exorbitant amount. Friday they had their midterm, and judging by the stories I’ve heard, it was a cluster fuck – the kind of test where every last student is dripping with sweat and scribbling as fast as they can when the bell rings. While I was at the Ocean kegger, Nathan surprised me by calling and asking for me to buy him some beer, which hasn’t happened once since we’ve been living together. The reason for his need, as I discovered upon arriving home, was severe post-midterm trauma. He, Nick, and Ben had all had a few, and were rocking out righteously with a song of their own invention. It was an intensely mournful wail, the lyrics of which were mostly “326!” yelled over and over, interspersed with “binary search trees!” “linked lists!” and “hash tables!” Nathan’s got several years under his belt guitar-wise, and Nick’s basically a god, so it sounded pretty decent. Ben did a good job with the bongo. They also covered “Yoshimi battle the pink robots,” with a song about how Nathan got hacked not once, but twice by script kiddies in Brazil. They took down the index page for the IPE’s website, which he runs, and replaced it with a signature of their hacking group that said “haha University of Washington”. They installed a backdoor the first time, and since Nathan didn’t wipe the box they got back in and did it again. He’s the worst system admin ever.

They’re in there now with another original song, this one about their 326 instructor. If they recorded an album, it would be immensely popular among people who live in this apartment or are in their class and unknown elsewhere.

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