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Live from Cancun

If you expected silence from me for a week due to my technological isolation, well, so did I. Surprisingly, here I am. Every time I come here, the city has gotten bigger and more American, and this time is no exception. On the way from the airport to the hotel, patches of bare jungle that I remembered from two years ago now bristle with concrete frames and steel bars. They’re building a shopping mall that could rival anything in the U-District – they being the same group of individuals who raised Cancun from a patch of bare jungle in the early 70’s to the tourist megalopolis that it now is – and they stand to make absolute truckloads of money. On the positive side (if the former isn’t), I now have an internet connection in my hotel room, rather than the four PII’s sharing a 56K modem that I remembered. Westernization isn’t always a bad thing.

I brought my guitar with me on my two flights (SeaTac to Charlotte to Cancun), which so far I regret. I ended up with the unlucky last ticket to board on the flight, which meant that I had to wander up and down the aisle, peering forlornly into the already full overhead storage bins, finally reorganizing other people’s belongings while they looked on passive-aggressively. Laurel magnanimously agreed to drive me to the airport, and hers was the last friendly human contact I experienced from then until Cancun. When you fly alone, you’re everyone’s bitch – they all want you to exchange seats with someone so that they can be near their dying grandma or whatever, and I didn’t care enough about the window seat to deny anyone that pleasure. Really, flying in and of itself is uncomfortable enough that switching seats in exchange for mucho karma points won’t make things any worse. I wanted to sleep on the plane, but that’s almost impossible, and by the time I marched through customs in Cancun I felt like I’d just finished two consecutive all-night cultural studies sessions.

I haven’t recovered. The weather in Cancun at the moment is the worst I’ve ever seen it, windy and rainy and cold. If you believe the forecasts (which I’d like to), then things will take a serious turn for the better tomorrow. Cross fingers. In any case, I spent a few hours lying under the overcast skies, swept by gale-force winds, splattered by fat drips of water, trying to read Stephen King, before I gave up and went inside for a nap. No tan, at least not today.

The good news, so far, is twofold. First, my enormous extended family, which grows by at least one baby every time I turn my back. My cousins are racing each other to see who can breed the fastest (the winner has four so far and one on the way), and their charming progeny fill the condos of Cancun like so many pet shelter puppies. I consistently have one or two youngsters hanging from my arms or neck and another two or so waiting in line for the same. They’re awful cute. Good thing number two is the food, which is as excellent as ever. For dinner just now, I had lobster tail, fish fillet, and beef tenderloin. For the math-challenged, that’s three meats in one meal. Ahh.

Kelly will be coming in two days. We’ll find out then whether my grandma and company are ready for her.

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