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In the long hours of my social isolation on the other side of the Atlantic, I’ve done some deep thinking, some of it concerning this very webpage. What I’ve realized is this: my site has become just another blog. The writing might be a couple notches above the crap your average whiney 14-year-old throws online, but that doesn’t change the fact that, structurally and substantially, I’ve fallen into the trap of conformity.

It was never my intent to be “just another blog.” I never intended to fill these pages with the same, uninteresting “this is what I did today in excruciating detail” nonsense that you can find in literally hundreds of thousands of other sites, most of them with prettier layouts than mine. I never intended for this to devolve into something that someone who doesn’t know me personally would rather eat hot shards of glass than wade through.

It’s time for a change.

I look at my heros in the blogging community, those that first inspired me to launch this little enterprise of solipsism, and I see how far I have to go. I read Todd Levin and Bob Powers, and see in their writing the essential gleam my own creation lacks, the lure and pull of real talent which can snare a reader and make him a slave. That’s what I want to be; and I’ve decided I can’t get there by writing about what I had for dinner – at least, not in the same way I have been. I look back at the posts I wrote in this site’s infancy, way back in early 2003, and can see the seeds of what I imagined it would grow into. The vision was pure; but somewhere along the way I got lost.

It is time for a change.

Effective immediately, this site is taking on a different format. Readers with only a passing investment in the blog probably won’t notice a change beyond the titles of the posts, but astute readers will, with any luck, find the thing my writing has always lacked: focus, focus in abundance.

It’s not that I’m swearing off meandering entirely, but starting now I will no longer allow it to dictate the nature of what I write. While in Vienna and perhaps afterwards, until I decide the experiment is a failure, this will be the rule of the day.

There are two immediate consequences of this change. First, the site will no longer be about me – that is, some guy – it will be about things. They will be things I experience certainly, but the video camera following me around with the record button taped down is being decomissioned. If you are a beloved and are worried how you’ll now keep track of my life, you should consider buying a phone card and giving me a ring. Second, the posts will no longer be in strictly chronological order. There will still be a timestamp on each, but as I am trying to escape the “here are today’s events” trap, I generally won’t be limiting my writing to things that occured in the week or so before I sat down to write.

I hope we can all still get along. I’ll try if you will.

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