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Indier than thou

Nathan and I recently discovered a brand new tool in the ever-escalating war of indie snobbery that is the college scene. It’s called Audioscrobbler, and it has the potential to end petty squabbles over music cred once and for all. The idea is simple: you install a plug-in to your music player of choice, then every song played gets recorded by the server and displayed on your homepage, along with statistics about your favorite artists and tracks.

Congress should require every American to install the plug-in. A couple months after the new legislation, identifying poseurs would be as easy as opening up a web browser and searching for their name. This will be so awesome. Finally I’ll be able to pull off stuff like the following scenario:

DRUNKEN ASSHOLE: Woo! Death Cab rules! Woo! Play “Sound of Settling”! [spills beer on three people] Woooooooooo!

ME: Mind calming down a little there, buddy?

D.A.: Hey, fuck you, man! I’ve been into this band since WAY before they got big and little wannabes like you started liking them! I can yell if I want to!

ME: Oh really? [pulls out wireless device, browses to] According to this, you’ve only listened to Death Cab tracks a total of thirty times, all of them this month!

D.A.: Um, I, uh…

TRUE DEATH CAB FANS: [gasp] Get him! [tackle and beat D.A. into submission]

BEN GIBBARD: Way to go, guys! Hey band mates, let’s play “Company Calls Epilogue” to thank them for purifying the crowd! Synapse to synapse…

The service does have its drawbacks, though. I just reset my stats after letting Blonde Redhead’s album Misery is a Butterfly play on repeat all night, skewing the numbers. I didn’t think it would be fair to let people think I liked Blonde Redhead that much.

Overall, though, it’s a beautiful service. I put a link to it under “Now playing” on the right there; that’s how strongly I feel about these things. While I’m on the topic, I also added a link to my schedule in the same area so that people can find me on campus or where have you any time during the week – not that I think anyone will every actually do so, but I like to prepare for contingencies.

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