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Back to basics

The school year has brought a return to activities I’d spent very little time with over the last six months: drinking and programming. Thankfully for the programming’s sake, the two didn’t overlap.

Friday night the whole crowd returned to the Emigrant for the second of three presidential debates. This one was even more frustrating than the first, largely because neither one of the candidates can answer a direct question to save their life. The moderator asked not once, not twice, but three separate times how Bush and Kerry each planned to reduce the deficit by half in four years, a feat most economists agree is impossible regardless of who’s in the White House, and neither one of them ever did more than dance around the question while repeating their talking points: Bush with Iraq and Kerry with taxing the wealthy. But we did get some funny moments to rival the first debate’s now-infamous “you forgot Poland!” While answering a question, Bush mentioned getting information off of “the internets”. Odd, no? Later, Kerry mentioned going to on the internet, and someone in the bar yelled out, “Wait, which one?” Good times.

The debate started at six, and I didn’t get home until around 3 am. In the interim, we drank. And drank. Not surprisingly, though, most of the group didn’t get very drunk – when you spread your drinking out over nine hours, it’s hard to get really sloshed. And expensive. We met a number of good folk at the bar and the two house parties that followed, so it was a successful evening all in all. I even accidentally picked up Chris Baker’s ex-girlfriend Amanda on the way from one party to the next, and serendipity always cheers me up. She’s also good friends with Alison Nimura, another CS graduate and friend of mine.

Then, the next day, I spent eight hours programming in Sieg. Yes, Sieg, not Sieg II. The graphics lab, which we use for my only CS class this quarter, is still in the old building. It felt kind of good to shake the kinks out of my C++ abilities, but I’d fogotten how burnt out I can get after slogging through skeleton code for hours on end.

Today I have to read Henry IV part 1, but they were all out of the play at the U Bookstore, so I’m going to use Nathan’s “Complete Works of William Shakespeare” anthology instead. Here’s the ballsy part: no footnotes. Wish me luck.

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