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Interview with the programmer

Due to my rather strict upbringing, most of the epic and heart wrenching R-rated movies of my youth were denied me. If I was younger than fifteen when it came out and I couldn’t sneak off to a friend’s house to watch it, there’s a good chance I’ve never seen it. So it is that while my canon of good recent movies is fairly broad, my overall knowledge in the subject lacks a swath from the early seventies up to around 1997.

I’m doing my best to catch up with the help of netflix, but the body of work I simply must see, based on peers’ recommendations and the furious urgings of critics, is simply too large, what with my schedule of classes, work, and the associated extracurricular activities, for me to make much headway against it. I’m doing my part to educate myself, though.

Tonight I added another drop in the bucket with Interview with the Vampire, a title friends chastise me for not having seen on an almost daily basis. It was very, very good. Shame on you, parents, for not allowing my prepubescent mind to be perverted in such an entertaining way. Who knows what heights I might have achieved today had I watched it ten years ago?

Secondly, I had an article in the Daily today. Maybe you read it. It addresses a common thread in my ramblings.

Thirdly, this will make you happy, but you won’t know why.

Lastly, this page induces seizure in four out of five viewers. If you think you’re in the lucky twenty percent, then click away. I think it’s pretty.

Did I say seizure?

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