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Concentrate, damn you!

I think I may have ADD. Maybe even ADHD. It’s unlikely, but it would explain a lot – such as why I’m not doing my graphics assignment instead of writing this.

Over the last few days, I’ve tried to do homework, done everything in my power to will it into being. Every attempt has fallen flat on its face. History suggests that I won’t fail any classes this quarter regardless of how long I postpone the most trivial of assignments, but that reassurance comes as little comfort. I’ll pass, sure, but there’s bound to be a blitzkrieg of coursework on an almost weekly basis. My weekday afternoons and evenings are full of idle distractions and entertainment, but the weekends… man. Let’s just say I do my fair share of ruing the weekdays.

I don’t see why I don’t get to have ADD. Isn’t there some sort of test I could take? Everyone else gets to hide behind a disorder, so why can’t I? They could even name a new one after me. I wouldn’t mind.

Ashley, Nathan’s better two-thirds, is here for the weekend. They’re about to put on Goodbye, Lenin in the living room, so it looks like graphics loses again. That’s OK; I didn’t want to have any fun this weekend anyway.

Oh, and look at my mad art / computer skillz. Booyah! Thanks to my little bro for the excellent digital photos.

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