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There’s nothing worse than sipping away at your coffee and getting a mouthful of grounds. It’s like your delicious caffeinated drink suddenly, without warning or your consent, turns into a coffee smoothie, except really it’s a coffee gritty. I guess I shouldn’t expect much more from the HUB newsstand, especially for $1.25. My indie cred demands that I pay no more than that for my daily mental boost.

Next week is going to be absolute hell. I seldom have more than a metric assload of work to accomplish in any given week, but next week will likely be the exception to that saving rule. Thursday is my Shakespeare final, which shouldn’t be too tough – except that my final paper for that class is due then as well, and given how agonizing it was to write the last one, in the early watches of the morning it was due, I’m not looking forward to Wednesday night too much. My animation project for Graphics, where I make Disco Hand shake his groove thang to a selection of genre-defining songs, is due Thursday at midnight so that he can participate in the voting process in class the next day. Disco Hand was slighted during the last two competitions, and even though I don’t care about winning, you can be sure that Disco Hand does. Disco Hand demands satisfaction. There’s also the small matter of the roughly forty hours of development on the newest simulation model at work to which I’ve committed myself before I fly to Mexican Christmas. Yep, it’s going to be a busy week. Good thing I only have one non-trivial final.

Now I need to get to work on making flashing stars shoot from Disco Hand’s fingertips as he grooves to “Billy Jean.” We’ll find out soon enough how out of touch I am with the average CS student’s sensibilities.

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