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Fast approaching academic crisis mode

It’s a good thing that I’m such a strong believer in procrastination, or else that crisis would be blossoming as we speak, rather than looming comfortably on the horizon. Thursday at midnight, Thursday at midnight, Thursday at midnight. This is my mantra of late. If I can just it make to then, everything will be ok. The fact that I have a final exam the following Wednesday hasn’t persuaded me to change the mantra. Finals are the least of my concerns at the moment.

Check out this critique of livejournal wankers that I just turned in as my final assignment in my short fiction class. Ah, college.

I also ran another article in the Daily today, archived here for your reading enjoyment. Not exactly going out of the quarter with a bang, but it could have been a lot worse.

There’s always a chance that I’ll wake up tomorrow and find that it’s Friday morning and all my worries are over. It’s a small chance, but I’m keeping hope alive over here.

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