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Bow-tie indeed

When I walked into my Contemporary Novel class today, the instructor did an honest-to-god double-take. That is the difference my new haircut makes to my appearance. I told her (and whoever else in the class happened to be listening) the story of the haircut essentially as I related it yesterday, and she asked me if the hairdresser offered to give me a little bow-tie to go with it. After class one of the other students (who must have overheard the bow-tie comment) told me I looked like Tucker Carlson. I gave him a stern reprimand using the phrase “throw down.” For the record, the goal of this haircut was not to look like a little boy — that was an unintended side effect of getting shut of all that hair. I might have to grow a beard or get a facial piercing or something to restore my rightful apparent age. At least Greenpeace volunteers will no longer start salivating when they see me coming down the sidewalk.

In other news, the weather in Seattle is nothing short of amazing. We’re having what’s called in non-PC circles an Indian Summer, and I think everyone is secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. The clear skies, the warmth, the sunshine — none of it can last. It’s Seattle. In the meantime, it’s 70 degrees in the afternoon and my classes keep getting held out-of-doors. And as happens every year around this time, I’m suddenly pointedly aware of the vast numbers of cute girls on campus. I really have no idea where they all came from, but they’re certainly out in force in their cute little tops and short-shorts to take advantage of the sun. Walking through the quad, you can’t spit without hitting a half-naked co-ed. Believe me, I’ve tried. It is glorious.

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