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This one’s for the nerds

While the title of this post would make an epic rock ballad, I haven’t written one of those yet; but I have written a column with that as the first line. Given that the last time I tried to encapsulate a subculture in a column it caused more people to love or hate me in a single day than had all my previous columns cumulatively, I have high hopes for this one. The buzz among friends is good, but then, they are the ones being praised — I haven’t heard back from a non-nerd yet. I’ll keep you apprised of letters to the editor.

Speaking of my editor, perhaps she is getting lax. I break the fourth wall in the second paragraph, a practice which is strictly forbidden on the pages of the Daily. I also invent two words: nerdhood and nerdification. They ought to be words in their own right — indeed, someday civilization will open the OED and find my column as their first referenced usage. Actually, I just went to the OED, and nerdhood is already a word, just not in the more scrupulous dictionaries yet.

I am fully in the grips of senioritis. I forgot to mention that a week and a half ago I used my annual drop for the first time ever to drop my compilers course. The joy I felt as I clicked the mouse is almost indescribable. It felt like the relief of popping a particularly nasty zit, but a thousand times greater in magnitude and completely pain-free. Nathan thinks that they’re going to brand the phrase “used annual drop” onto my transcript, but he’s out of his mind. It’s not that I couldn’t handle the work of the course; more that I had expected it to be fascinating and found it kind of dull. I’ve been doing the whole college thing too long to take dull credits that I don’t need for pride’s sake alone.

Then last night, I realized at 9:30 that in order to do the reading for my seminar twelve hours later, I would first have to purchase that reading. Good thing the copy shops on the Ave are open late. I got home around that time after eating a dinner of mango quesadillas and ground-turkey tacos with Gioia and her painfully beautiful (but unavailable) friend, Marissa. In an unexpected turn of events, we spent over an hour arguing about abortion. That’s the very first time in my life I have ever done that, believe it or not. I resolve to never do so again.

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