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The odds

It’s been a day of strange vehicle sightings. While playing frisbee with Lam on the HUB lawn, three guys kept roaring by on these really loud, absurdly tiny motorcycles. They did four or five laps around campus walkways before finally going off to give each other high fives until they passed out. I told Lam, “So help me, the next one of those guys that goes by I’m hitting with the frisbee.” No more came. I was kind of sad, but also relieved.

Then, after getting my cinco de Mayo steak burrito at Pepe’s, I saw a girl ride by on a two-story bike. It was basically a normal bike, but with a really, really tall seat and the necessary support bars and pedal modifications. She was just riding down the Ave, perched six feet in the air. People were yelling at her, but I abstained. It looked like what she was doing took concentration.

The unicycles continue to be a force to be reckoned with on campus, as well.

All I need is a trio of shriners in those tiny cars and my bizarre vehicle bingo card will be complete.

Guess who conceived, researched, and wrote their 7-page midterm paper in four hours this afternoon? Ah, senioritis.

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