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Now is the moment of our greatest shame

The Outhouse Alumni frisbee team was eliminated from the post season this afternoon after losing our first game of the playoffs 8-5. We usually play on Fridays, and our captain sent out the email notice of our game this morning, so many people showed up late or not at all. The effect this had on our morale was noticeable, and the first half we played a man-down game very poorly. At half, the other team led us by four points. We played much better the second half, but it wasn’t enough. The two highlights: getting hit in the face with a disc (no foul called); three-person slide for a disc into the end zone. A teammate, a defender and I all dove for the same disc. We all went down and rolled / slid around. At one point, the defender and I were rolling head over heels as a single unit. Amazingly, no one was hurt, and my teammate scored the point.

On Friday we lost as well, making our regular season record 2-2. The humiliating part? It was the math grad student team, the Unit Disc. They looked like math majors, but they were far better at frisbee than you would expect given that. At first I was cracking math jokes to whomever I was defending: “there was a slight miscalculation on that pass”; “looks like you failed to differentiate between teammates.” That sort of thing. As they started beating us, though, those jokes got old. It was a close game, but they came out on top. Apparently this was their fifth year playing together.

It was a good season, guys.

Naomi’s got some pictures of her Vienna trip online, which reminded me that it has now been over a year since I was there and I still don’t have all mine up. Dammit! I whipped up another page as a result, so have fun with it.

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