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Danger, Will Robinson

Wikipedia is the bane of my existence. I hear that the English “home version” of the free online encyclopedia is up to 7 DVD-ROMs now, and that number is always growing. There is a practically endless wealth of knowledge to be had there, and embedded in each entry are links to dozens of others, making it nearly impossible to quit learning once you start. This is a good thing, in general. But the other day, getting some general background on the Philippines for a novel I’m reading, I ended up spending over four hours clicking around on the site. Four hours! I didn’t even realize what had happened until I looked up at the time. Just now, browsing to their site to get a link to paste in this post, I was distracted and forgot what I was doing for five minutes. But I learned about John Paul II and money. Like most things that are awesome, wikipedia is dangerous.

Last night I ate priscutto and lox courtesy of Austin. He had gone to Trader Joe’s to buy a bottle of wine, and ended up buying two bottles, the above meat, some bread, pickled peppers, and a loaf of spiced mozzarella. The same danger principle applies to TJ’s.

I’m about to go to a party hosted by a CS friend. Dangerous as well, but for a slightly different reason.

And check this out: I made the front page of the ELF’s website. I wonder if they read the column before posting it. You may notice the dozens of odd characters sprinkled liberally throughout by the Daily’s online staff. Sigh.

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