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Dubious signs

Today’s column expressed ire over the lack of ire concerning the not-nearly-infamous-enough Downing Street memo, and did what I haven’t ever seen a columnist in the Daily do explicitly: call for Bush’s impeachment. It’s kind of cliche, I know. I don’t think an impeachment attempt could ever be successful given that the republicans control both Congress and the Judiciary, but regardless it’s important that we try if only for the principle of the matter. You can also read what Paul Krugman had to say about it for the next few days.

What’s even more alarming is that the White House actually convinced Newsweek to retract its story of a Kuran being thrown in a toilet, the publication of which sparked a riot in Afghanistan, killing 17. They’re being un-American by reporting on our human-rights crimes! cry the republican right. They only had one source, and he later withdrew support of his comments! they moan. With the kind of pressure Bush and co. lay on anyone who falls out of line, I’m surprised this story made it out of Guantanamo at all, and not at all shocked that the source retreated once the war drums started. Simply stated, now is not a good time for anyone (with the exception of smart-ass college kids) to openly criticize the government. All the anger seems directed towards Newsweek, but my question is: why isn’t anyone getting pissed off at the prison guards for yet another incident of torture in their already long record? Newsweek is just doing their job, and if anyone’s to blame for the bloodiest riot Afghanistan has ever seen, it’s the people flushing holy books, not the ones reporting it.

Between the memo and the open strong-arming of journalism, I wonder how anyone with a clear head can still call Bush an honest man.

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