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Stupid rain

Seattle has completely lost its mind the last few days. We’re talking thunderstorms with buckets of rain and gale-force winds, followed suddenly by warm sunshine and an increase of 20 degrees in temperature. Absolutely bizarre. I actually stood under cover outside Savery Hall with some of my English class today, waiting for the rain to ease a bit so we could make a break for it — almost unprecedented. At least I made it inside before the hail started.

The Newsweek scandal continues, and predictably, Erica Monges has led the charge against their evil media empire. How dare they report facts! She’s starting to get on my nerves. She’s a fantastic writer, and very, very good at manipulating facts and figures to support her views. Every column she writes merits a rebuttal of my own; but at the same time I can’t let her set my journalistic agenda. I very nearly wrote a column about the nuclear option, which I had planned to leave alone, just to point out the flaws in her piece on the same. It’s maddening. This week I compromised by writing a letter to the editor for Free Speech Friday, which is open to staff members. If you want to know exactly how I feel about the scandal, click here. Then check back tomorrow for the skinny.

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