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You will feel the terrible beauty of our pedantic poetry

I just returned from the publication celebration of Bricolage, the UW’s arts and literary journal. One of my three submissions, a short story I wrote in the fall called “Blame Darwin,” was selected for publication, so I got a free copy (MSRP $5). I can now claim to be actually published, rather than just published in the Daily, which doesn’t count by any reasonable metric. I actually feel genuinely honored, being one of six short stories selected out of ninety or so submitted. Irritatingly, they introduced two typos into the piece, but I’ve come to learn that, with student publications, that’s about the best you can hope for. I’ll put the story online one of these days, but not just now. Go buy the book, if you want to read it so bad!

Among other literary news is the collection of poetry from Nathan’s Genius Edition refrigerator magnet set now gracing the fridge. The selection of words invites the highest order of pedantry, but predicatably most of our creations have been more than a little bawdy. If that’s the sort of thing that seems likely to offend you, best to stop reading now. Here are some selections:

Hence the profligate woman expunges delight

Why did ennui always tinge our scholarly time

Lapse into a herculean thought and secrete your manly come

Let me repose when enervated

Slather my limpid space with crass words

Question my obtuse missive

Alleviate my turgid paragon

Credit or scorn goes to, respectively, me, Nathan, Bryan, Bryan, Nathan, Nathan, and me.

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