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The last will be first, etc.

I didn’t plan well, and so ran out of weeks to write all the columns I was planning to write. My final one was supposed to be an emotionally laden summation of over two years of editorializing, a final tribute to myself to encompass all the smaller tributes I’d written once a week for eight quarters, a tear-jerking and inspirational reflection on the things I’d learned from college and life and so on. But I also had really wanted to write something on the subject of academic freedom, which is seriously in trouble in this country, and so I just wrote this. It’s not the finest thing I’ve ever written for the Daily, but it needed to be said, and nobody else was going to say it if I didn’t. I’m taking my choir-preaching much too seriously these days.

Today was my last column in the paper; tomorrow is my final class in college. For me, college is ending with the surreal grace of a train shooting off the end of an uncompleted bridge into a deep gorge. It is effortless, beautiful, and terrifying. Well, not effortless — I have to revise a short story and then write a total of thirty pages of literary and cultural analysis before I’m off the hook, but my days of having places to be are officially over. Until I begin work.

Speaking of gorges (the train metaphor, remember?), Sasquatch Fest was amazing beyond words. I’ve decided it deserves not one post but two, so expect to see those during the next few days. I have lots of free time starting tomorrow. Starting right now, I have to help Bryan install Unix on an old laptop (that’s sure to be frustrating) and then rewrite around six pages of a short story.

Deep breaths. This is the final stretch.

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