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Has it come to this?

There’s this commercial that comes on every night after Final Jeopardy for a product called Head On, which is essentially a big tube of analgesic chap stick you smear directly on your forehead to cure a head ache. I have no idea if it actually works, but I am intrigued. For those of you on dial-up connections, the commercial features a woman serenely rubbing the stick on her forehead as an emphatic female voice says “Head On: apply directly to the forehead” three times. I think this qualifies as superliminal advertising. Shameless plug to buy on amazon. If someone actually does buy a tube, let me know if it at least makes your brow tingle. For seven bucks, it had better.

Speaking of (probably) useless products, my coworker Jason just received an idog as a gift. All work in the office ceased as we found batteries and plugged it into his iPod. It puts on a little light show with the LEDs on its face and waggles its ears on occasion, all in time to the music. As with most cutesy iAppliances, we found it much more engaging than it really merited. Only one other iPod accessory comes to mind that is both more useless and cuter. Hopefully another of my coworkers buys it so I don’t have to.

Also, Roark called me from a nudist resort this afternoon and wanted me to inform everyone he was there and it’s awesome.

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