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I believe that robots are our future

Program them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the circuits they possess inside
Polish their metal claws to eviscerate
Let the robots’ squeaking joints crush the last vestiges of humanity

Does anyone know the lyrics to that song beyond the first line? I had to look them up. But seriously, robots? Here to stay.

Today I got asked to name my team in the intra-Amazon volleyball tournament coming up. I chose “major version bump, version set, p4 latency spike,” which got shortened down to “major version bump.” Erin (old high school friend) asked me to explain exactly what I do for a living, and I told her it would take too long and she wouldn’t care by the end of it. We settled on “programming computers.” Suffice it to say that if you spent 8 hours a day in my office you would understand the other half of my clever pun.

I bought and installed a surround sound system over the weekend, and today my special digital audio cable came in the mail. Time to go get my 5.1 on.

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