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Shame shame

Confession: I love those stupid little interactive flash advertisements / games found all over the internets and especially on myspace. You know, the ones that promise you vast riches for shooting the bandit, punching George Bush, shooting a basket, etc. I understand that nobody’s getting a free iPod; I actually enjoy playing the things. Firefox takes care of the popups when I win, so there’s no harm. They produce new ones so quickly that I never seem to run out.

The governments are about to regulate the internets in a way that makes absolutely no sense. They’re essentially going to allow greater access to large corporations while squeezing out the little guys, and because this administration can’t put out a single honestly named bill, they’re calling it the Net Neutrality Act. If you’re still clinging to notions that this isn’t motivated by greed and corporate pay-off, that perhaps the people making these decisions are experts on internet technology, then you obviously haven’t seen this Daily Show clip. Sorry about the url; I personally have nothing against fat chicks.

I watched Moonlight Mile and would like to save anyone else the trouble. Protracted, overacted, overdirected, overwrought. It may have Jake Gyllenhaal, but it’s no Brokeback. It’s not even The Good Girl.

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