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Like being 19 but without the homework

I ventured back into the U-District Saturday night for a friend’s birthday party, and everything was just as I left it: rat-trap apartment complex underneath the overpass; drunken ex girlfriend administering beer bongs to random boys; sticky linoleum; keg stands; pretentious, obviously affected British accents; friends falling down and then immediately claiming they’re fine and don’t need to stop drinking. Maybe that’s not just how I left it, but it’s close enough for government work. Carlie was the birthday girl, and her myspace-invite campaign drew in hordes of drunken college grads. She likes Napoleon Dynamite even more than most people, so I got her a card with his likeness that I’ll attempt to recreate here:

(front, image of Napoleon) Yeah, it’s a freakin’ birthday card, all right?!

(inside: drawings of giraffe, bear riding bicycle, woman with enormous breasts floating on her back in water, all drawn by Joslin. Picture of toaster, by me. Caption: “I drew you a picture of a toaster”). What the heck did you think it was? It’s your birthday isn’t it?!

It was kind of sad to not get as awesomely drunk as most of the people in attendance, but since moving to First Hill I’ve found it remarkably difficult to get a good, solid swerve on. It’s the driving.

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