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lapCount += 20;

The only thing harder than remembering my locker combination at the Y was the workout I just undertook. It wasn’t even a warm up by any sane standard, but I feel beaten and broken. This is why you should never abandon an exercise program if you ever plan to continue it.

Roark and I rearranged all the furniture in my living room over the weekend, right in the middle of Dune (old one), because a) Roark has a tiny attention span, and b) the feng shue was all off. After months of hostile standoff, the experiment of making it into two rooms by means of furniture is gladly over. Plus the apartment is robot-clean, so my home life is moderately OK.

Apparently it’s Kid’s Week on Jeopardy, but the bar seems to have been set disappointingly low. Even with categories like “pop stars” and “Harry Potter books” to pad their scores, two of the three contestants were hopelessly bad. I’m aware that they’re children, I’m just saying.

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