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I’d like to point out that mere days after I put the url to this fine website into my gmail “status” message, Nathan and Jordan followed suit with their own domains. Since you ask, it is a burden to set the trends for a nation of uncertain internet neophytes. Just kidding guys.

I’ve learned a couple things over the last few days that I thought I would share. First is that Jeopardy is broadcast in HD after all. I’ve only watched Kid’s Week so far, so I haven’t been scarred by a contestant’s frighteningly sharp disfiguration. Second, if you ever once take your girlfriend to the Nutcracker, you will receive weekly promotional mailings from the Pacific Northwest Ballet for the rest of your natural life. Just a warning.

Roark is trying to get me to move into his house to replace a recent roommate vacancy, despite my repeated assurances that I will do no such thing. This isn’t paranoia, this is his avowed goal. I already go there once a week for the sacred ritual of Steak Night, and usually one or more times over the weekend to get some Paseos, another deliciously holy meat creation. To Roark, this represents forward progress on some continuum between “not living with Roark” and “living with Roark” that he is eager to advance. In his mind, only a finite number of mid-morning trips to Beth’s remain before my will to live alone crumbles.

Battlestar Galactica (or BSG, as it is known) premiered on Friday and knocked everyone’s collective socks off. The writers of Lost need to take a couple pages of notes from BSG. Now there is a show that knows how to advance a plot, none of this “8 minutes of real time per episode” business.

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