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I never knew Frodo was Jewish

I finally watched The Andromeda Strain and really enjoyed it. This is surprising, given that two thirds of the movie is detailed footage of a scientific experiment, not exactly popcorn material. Should tell you something about me.

I also give several thumbs up to Everything is Illuminated, which didn’t seem to have an overarching message but was beautiful and entertaining. Having read some other works of Foer’s, I imagine it lost something in the translation. Unfortunately, ever since Elijah Wood stepped boldly into Mordor to return that ring (you know the One) to sender, I can’t watch him in any other film without performing all the appropriate transformations to the story. In this case, he was a brave Jewish hobbit who traveled deep into the East (of Europe) to return the One Amber Necklace to a woman who helped his grandfather (this would be Fosco Baggins during the great war which marked the end of the age of Elves. Or whatever.

Finally, someone from the New York Times has something interesting to say about the E. Coli spinach outbreaks. People think I buy organic because I care about cows and the earth and stuff, and they couldn’t be more wrong. I care about not getting cancer any earlier than I have to. Any kindness to a cow’s udder is strictly a secondary concern.

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