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The long dark teatime of the soul

Seattle is bleeding miserable right now. I heard on KEXP this morning that we’re close to breaking the state record for monthly recorded rainfall, and it’s only halfway through the month. Every river in the state is overrunning its banks and chewing at the foundations of suburbs, and in the city proper all asphalt surfaces are gushing rivers in their own right. Many a careless motorist has skidded right through a crosswalk under my careful observation. The pouring rain — which I’ve taken pains to explain to the new guys at work is really an aberration and not the usual Seattle fare — is bad enough on its own, but it’s also been uncommonly cold and windy, resulting in a potent triple-strike against my poor, huddled primate form as I traverse the hills to and from the office.

But as always, there are silver linings to this dismal cloud of weathery despair. First and foremost, I just bought a new jacket from REI, and it is hi-tech. Like, crime-fighting-by-night hi-tech. It came with a little brochure in the pocket detailing all of its technological advances, things like waterproofing, breathability, four-season-ness, telekinetic amplification, heart beat monitoring and correction, etc. This, of course, in addition to being dead sexy. Roark has the exact same one, and we plan to wear them around together and be adorable.

Second, the Nintendo Wii comes out on Sunday. All of my admirable efforts failed to secure a pre-order, so I’ll be waiting in line outside the Fred Meyer in Ballard on Saturday night for the midnight launch. By my reasoning, this location is optimal because Ballard is full of old people. Impeccable logic, I know.

Obligatory liberal post-election war cry: fuck, yes. Sorry for the language, Grandma, but it is difficult to express my relief without delving into emphatic four-letter words. This election did much to restore my faith in the electorate after they totally destroyed it in 2004. Interestingly, the democrats ran the same platform (we don’t have a platform but we aren’t Republicans) as that failed year; I guess the failed policies, corruption, and outright evil of the current administration finally made that platform start to sound compelling to the average voter.

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