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Jason and I drove to Northgate tonight, following interweb rumors that certain retailers had begun selling Wii accessories and games. All such leads proved to be false, but there was a glimmer of hope: the lady behind the counter at Target confirmed they have 50 units headed their way for Sunday’s launch. Despite this news that I probably will be getting a Wii on launch, Jason and I were both fairly blue after being turned away empty handed from five different stores. We would have settled for almost anything — an extra controller, a composite video cable, a game we knew would be lousy — but even our meager aims were denied us. Jason was so desperate by the end of the voyage that he actually considered purchasing a 3-pack of controller gloves, accessories that act like a heavy-duty condom for the remote. No. Thank you. I would avoid making the pun about it feeling so much better without, but I just did.

Meanwhile, Zelda: Twilight Princess sits unopened on my coffee table. Whether amazon made a mistake in shipping it to me before the 19th is immaterial. Right now every fiber of my being is concerned with whether I dare open it and read the instruction booklet, gaze longingly at the miniature disc’s shimmering surface. I can hardly control myself, but at the same time I fully understand that the wave of anticipation that would ensue could well kill me.

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